Yahoo and Bing Article

Yahoo and Bing Article

May 15, 2022 91 Views

Michael Perry,

Topics: Google, Wall Street Journal, Software 

Transcript Excerpt

Michael Perry discusses mergers and acquisitions in a 1AM video. After reading the Wall Street Journal on his way home from work, he notices an article about Yahoo, Bing, and Google, that Google owns 80% of search engine ads and ad revenue. Yahoo and Bing could possibly come together to make more ad revenue and show power. But while this article was printed on Wednesday morning, it’s now Thursday at noon and Mashable announced that Bing was going to have more customizable searches, based on what you like through Facebook. Both companies were going to be teaming up to make search engines more personal and personable. But it is amazing how quick the game changes and how this morning, people all around the country are on top of their game and don’t rely on textbooks anymore but read and know about the 2 little ants that came together to takedown the big giant. You then see Bing making another move to try to differentiate itself. then states that AOL was in the process of trying to acquire Yahoo, which is just a rumor, but it is a huge play for AOL if true. The point of this video is to talk about mergers and acquisitions and how in today’s business world, a search engine optimization (SEO) went through the same major companies, Bing, Yahoo and Google. Three different announcements in an article by the Wall Street Journal, which was a good article, says Michael. In the Wall Street Journal article everyone in business should be reading about Internet advertising, because it is a $10 billion a year industry. It’s all about increases and decreases amongst the major companies. Deciding where to spend ad dollars is important, while Google charges a bit more for their clicks, they are also driving more traffic than reported. News on Yahoo and AOL are moving fast, and business professors can’t keep up with it. While it’s also important to stay on top of the game, whether in the internet business or entrepreneurial business or marketing advertising, stocks, trading, buying, or selling. Since this article has come out, two other very important news articles have come out and the major paper trend that publishes it tomorrow or the New York Times reports on business sections, will be old news because the stories and reports are moving fast. Where does that put textbooks? If a student is in law or medical school or anything involving works in sciences, the books are important but in today’s business world, according to the Wall Street Journal the pace that their moving in, instead of schoolbooks, newspapers, Yahoo financial news and other sources should be the everyday textbook. Everyone should be paying more attention to the world and how it’s shaping around us, whether it’s focusing on old, dated business mythologies that are no longer practical in today’s world. These are not the tools of success. Being aware of your environment and being aware of your world are the tools for success. It is very important to know the elements of the industry that involves mergers and acquisitions, especially when involving large companies like Google. It’s also very important to understand the structure of how sites are built and how to digest much of this. Not being aware of how our own products work that we are trying to sell or trying to build hurts us because it is helping us make money. 

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