Word 2013: SmartArt Graphics   

Word 2013: SmartArt Graphics   

April 1, 2023 522 Views


Topics: Shapes, Graphics, Autonomous system

Transcript Excerpt

Smart art can be used to communicate information with graphics instead of text, giving users the chance to add color, shape, and interest to parts of their document. Smart art makes it easy to illustrate the point with so many styles to choose from. To get started, click where users want their SmartArt to go. Then go to Insert. If the user clicks the SmartArt command, a list of categories will appear along with the graphics. They have to choose from a preview. All the user has to do here is start typing their information, which will appear in the SmartArt. Users can resize it, so it fits the shape automatically. They can also enter their text in the shapes themselves, which is fine for a simple graphic, but it might be easier to stick with the task pane for something more complex. The design and format tabs will appear whenever users have their smart selected. From here, an easy way to add more shapes to the smart art is to select a shape near the location users have in mind. Then click “add shape.” They can add one after or before their current shape, placing them on the same level. Or add one above or below. Users can change the level of any shape by using demote to move it down, or prove it up, move it up. They can also do the same by adding the text from within the task pane using their keyboard. Pressing the tab key will demote a shape, while Backspace promotes a shape. Users can even add shapes to the list by pressing enter. Users can change the look of the graphic using SmartArt styles. Click the drop-down arrow to see the full list of styles. Users can hover over each style for a live preview. Select a colour by clicking the Change Colors command. Color schemes are designed to match theme colors, so the choices will vary depending on which theme users use. If users decide they don’t like the way their information is organized within a smart art graphic, they can always change its layout to better fit their content. Start by selecting the graphic from the layout group. Click the More drop-down arrow. Users can also change the appearance of individual shapes. Just select one or more. Switch to the format tab. And take advantage of any of the options here. Smart art is a great way to incorporate more graphics into the document and to communicate with the reader in a way that is as eye-catching as it is effective.

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