<strong>What is an eSIM & how does it work?</strong>

What is an eSIM & how does it work?

February 4, 2023 535 Views

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Subscriber Identification Module is the full name of the little chip that one inserts into the phone to identify oneself as a subscriber of a certain network. The general public now has the option to do things like make phone calls and send messages. Sim cards are entirely different from the enormous full-size SIMs from 1991. Five years later, the large Nokia 3310 received the mini-SIM, demonstrating how rapidly technology is changing. Up until 2003, this was the 2nd form factor and the standard form. When the Micro SIM was first introduced, it was distinct from the mini because it was considerably smaller. The first smartphone to use the microSIM was the iPhone 4, which entered the market in 2010 when it was extensively embraced. This was only the third form factor; the nano SIM entered the network two years later, in October of 2012. The object’s size was further diminished until it was virtually the size of a chip. The eSIM, also referred to as the embedded SIM, is a chip that is inserted into peoples smartphones during manufacturing and was first unveiled in 2016. People only need to upload a SIM profile if the smartphone supports it, and it will function just like a regular SIM. An eSIM, on the other hand, can hold numerous profiles for the consumer, whereas a standard sim can only hold one as technology advances. With the eSIM, devices other than smartphones are also covered, including smartwatches, PCs, and automobiles, and they can all use the same eSIM profile. Both are easily accessible, however the standard SIM only works with one device and must be physically obtained as a plastic card. Install any of the supported devices using an eSIM activation voucher that is linked to an existing profile or a new one. Google’s Pixel 2 and 3 are currently among the supported smartphones, and all current and future iPhone models are included. There are several devices that support it, and if it does, all one has to do is visit an MTN store. This also applies to smartwatches, such as the Huawei Watch, Galaxy Watch, and Apple Watch, among many others, which enables us to see the advancement of mobile communications technology. MTN is introducing eSIMs in Nigeria in order to integrate this technology into a developing network. MTN Nigeria is evolving by looking for ways to grow in this endless growth of tech. 

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