Ultra-Low Power HF RFID Reader IC – RA12

Ultra-Low Power HF RFID Reader IC – RA12

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Topics: Microchips, SICT, HF RFID 

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Silicon Craft Technology or SICT is Southeast Asia’s leading company in research and development of microchips or RFID or radio frequency identification technology. Products are internationally recognized and are exported worldwide. Overall, the industry in Thailand has an export value of over 30 billion U. S. Dollars a year. Thus, it became a sector in which the government formally promoted in accordance with the National Strategy Thailand 4.0. The company’s business therefore can be said to be the heart of the industry. User is also an RND business that designs and delivers microchips to customers using outsourced manufacturers, as well as being the only private company in Thailand with teams of specialists who constantly conduct research and development and is an internationally renowned leader in RFID electronic microchips, making hundreds of millions of bots in revenue from export each year. SICT was established in 2002 by a group of electronic specialists and engineers with the business goals of designing, researching, developing, and distributing integrated circuits. Currently, the major shareholders include the four founders with direct and indirect holding of 29. 5%, 16. 7%, 10. 9% and 5.2% of the registered capital, respectively. In addition, there is another group of shareholders with 12.7% holding and 25% offered to the public. Currently, the company’s main products include an immobilizer device for vehicle security which is connected to RFID reader controlling the engine, preventing car theft. Electronic animal identification tags which record individual information for each livestock or pets in accordance with their respective standard of information recording, an interrogator which will read and record data and connect with the security system. User also have chips for other forms of RFID tag usage such as anticounterfeiting smart label with NFC technology and smart sensor to measure various chemical concentrations in which it will connect the sensors to IoT network. The company aims to double its revenue within four years by using the investment received in human resources, specializing in microchips intellectual property, investment in designing and testing equipment and IT system, as well as coin vestment in companies with innovations that reinforce the company’s strength and lastly to be used as the company’s working capital. The company focuses on cultivating its corporate culture as an innovative organization with transparent management and good corporate governance to be sustainably in the world of everchanging technology. SICT shapes the world of secured and connected devices with innovation and intelligence ends.

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