Tracking of Document & Files

Tracking of Document & Files

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SmartTraxx is a records management database system that uses radio wave technology to track and locate an inventory, records and other physical assets in real-time. Recent studies have determined that 3 to 5% of an organization’s files are missing at any given time. Even large record systems that employ file clerks have difficulty tracking files in circulation as they are transferred from person to person and from place to place. These lapses and manual systems increase the probability that needed files will be missing, increase the difficulty of finding missing files and increase the unauthorized use of files once they are in circulation. SmartTraxx uses RFID or radio frequency identification technology to track the movement of files in real-time. Labels with inlaid radio antennas can be printed on standard office printers and applied to file folders. RFID labels can be printed with text, bar codes, and colour coding to create optimized filing systems. Antenna-only labels can be applied unobtrusively to existing file systems. SmartTraxx portable RFID reader is the primary and most cost-effective solution. The portable reader works like a metal detector using progressive beeping and a hot-cold colour scale to guide the user to within inches of a needed file. The portable reader can also proactively inventory files in circulation, updating the location of files in real-time and costing only a fraction of the time it takes to conduct manual inventories. SmartTraxx systems can also passively track files as they move around the office. RFID tags added to employee badges allow SmartTraxx to know who removes or returns a file and the time and date. The RFID readers mounted in the doorway of this file room update the SmartTraxx database as files move in and out. For files in circulation around the office, RFID readers mounted on desks and ceilings in high-traffic areas update the locations of files and which employees have them in real-time. Doorway readers at office exits notify administrators whenever files are about to be removed unauthorizedly.  

The SmartTraxx software provides comprehensive records management solutions, including retention schedules, custom alerts and task notifications, and custom reporting. SmartTraxx allows staff to request files from their desks without disruptive e-mail blasts for centralized filing systems. SmartTraxx also features optional security protocols, such as requiring carriers for transport to the offsite store. SmartTraxx solutions provide guaranteed satisfaction by custom design for each client. SmartTraxx uses the best and most cost-effective RFID technology to add efficiency, quality and security to the records management system.

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