Track changes online

Track changes online

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Collaborating with multiple people can get confusing because one must deal with multiple document copies. By collaborating online, all the collaborators could work off the same original document without making copies. Once the document’s first draft is finished, click FILE and Save As. Then, click Add a Place. The user can save the document online in their OneDrive or their organization’s Microsoft 365 site.  

After Signing in, click a place, then a folder, and then Save the document. Next, click FILE and Share, and Invite People. On the To line, add the email addresses of the people on the writing team, type a message, include a request to open the document in Word, turn on track changes, and click Share. Then the online document is shared with the people invited, and each person gets a share request. When the members open the email, they click the link, and the document opens in Word for the web. From there, they click Edit Document and Edit in Word for the web if they don’t have Word or click Edit in Word. At that point, they’ll have to Sign in if they are not signed in already. After the document opens in Word, they click Enable Editing, click the Review tab, and turn on Track Changes. After they add their revisions and comments, they save their changes, and it updates the online document.  

Then, the next time the user saves the document, they see their changes and the changes made by any other team members. If there is a number next to the Sharing icon in the status bar, it means others are working on the document. More than one person can work on the document simultaneously and see each other’s changes immediately. While working online, users don’t have to worry about combining documents and waiting for changes to come back in an email. Anyone on the team can see changes immediately by simply opening the online document. Users can collaborate with others in real-time. Team members can open the document at the same time and communicate with an app like Microsoft Lync or Skype. After everyone’s done editing, the user can turn off sharing if they want by clicking FILE, Share, then right-click the Shared with people icon and either Remove User or Change permission to Can view. Then, the user can make final edits, accept or reject changes, and delete comments. So, track changes online can make a complicated process a lot easier. 

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