The State of IoT Asset Tracking

The State of IoT Asset Tracking

February 3, 2023 536 Views

Ryan Chacon

Topics: IoT, Cellular, Network Tech  

Transcript Excerpt

The presenter prepared a report on the state of asset tracking. Digital matter partnered with Helium in 2020 to integrate their devices into the network. Asset tracking is one of the fastest-growing IoT markets out there and is becoming accessible for businesses of all sizes. The report consists of 2600 respondents, which helps in gaining some critical insights. The report was conducted by finding and observing many pain points in the current industry regarding asset tracking and IoT, which range from connectivity to the kind of device hardware that should be used. The report’s primary audience was businesses and people who either currently have an asset tracking use case or anticipate having one in future. One of the report’s significant findings was that cellular technology is losing popularity, and some newer technologies are popping up to challenge it. These new technologies are more cost-friendly, covering locations where cellular is unavailable. The report shows how there is a growing urgency for asset tracking among companies. The report also shows what kind of assets are mostly tracked by the people. A large number of respondents were in smaller groups or companies, and smaller businesses play a significant role in asset tracking as they have different scenarios and fewer resources to work with. It is very important to understand what the smaller businesses are struggling with and what their main goals are in terms of asset tracking so that it can be improved to make it more easily adoptable. One of the main areas of growth in asset tracking is education, as most people do not know about the technologies or the more cost-efficient solution in the market. From a hardware perspective, the key to growth is developing devices with the perfect balance of price and size. This is where smaller companies come into play because larger companies have dedicated departments for IoT, where everyone is more knowledgeable about IoT space, and smaller companies need more education. The future of asset tracking is going toward a tracker on everything and getting critical data out of these assets, and the trackers last longer in terms of durability and battery life. Additionally, in the future, companies like Helium can continue to provide network coverage in more expansive areas so more companies can utilize asset tracking by looking outside of cellular networks. People can go to\tracking to get a copy of the full report automatically sent through email. 

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