The Reconnaissance Survey And Its Possible Alignments

The Reconnaissance Survey And Its Possible Alignments

January 25, 2022 128 Views


Topics: Drones, construction

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Drones significantly reduce time-intensive data collection in the field and its associated costs. Surveying company is using drones to provide accurate survey data for the construction of a major highway in Estonia. Drone data saves time and money across all stages of a construction project and for a range of reasons that could be folded into any of the six benefits listed. The reconnaissance survey has identified three possible alignments. State the important facts that would affect the choice of one way in preference to the other? Highway surveys are a professional form of land survey usually undertaken by public authorities during the planning phases of a road project. A review of highway construction during the construction process will ensure that progress is made as it should, and that the highway is built exactly where it should be.