The Explore Data Science App

The Explore Data Science App

March 24, 2022 72 Views

Justin, Metis Data Science

Topics: Explore Data Science, Faceted Plots, Software 

Transcript Excerpt

Justin is a recent graduate of Metis Data Science and wanted to showcase the newly developed Explore Data Science app and online data science training. There is an introduction to a wide variety of topics and fundamentals involving data visualization, preparation, and scaling. After logging in, a user will notice 6 planets, and each one is focused on its area of discovery with different topics. 1 is Foundations, 2 is Describe, 3 is Discover, 4 is Predict, 5 is Advise, and 6 is Scale. The user starts with 1, for a 7-day free trial and if the user chooses to pay the subscription and continue, their work is saved and backed up. The app revolves around a science fiction story of space exploration, with users gaining points by completing missions and using those points to buy badges and awards to increase in rank. When beginning a mission, a table of contents is shown with planets 1-6 displayed horizontally across the screen and their 31 missions appearing as dropdown options. The levels are hard, but users are encouraged to never give up and try again. The Explore Data Science missions contain an objective, the captain’s log, background/ reference options, the data set (restatement of the mission), and the lesson itself, which a user must complete in order, from top to bottom. The lesson on faceted plots has a two-screen implication, with one showing a coding pad, which also allows users to view their work in data format. The user must complete the programming lesson by understanding the information and completing the tasks. If there are no mistakes, then the user passes and is shown their work. A user can get help by clicking the question mark at the top right of the screen, for previously asked questions and a questionnaire form. When the tasks are completed, the app shares their final thoughts, summarizes the user’s performance, and grants an option to proceed with the next level and/or mission. Justin recommends Explore Data Science and urges potential users to start their 7-day trial to begin their scientific exploration.