Speech Therapy: The AAC Technology

Speech Therapy: The AAC Technology

May 9, 2022 132 Views

Bolo Speech and Language Therapy Clinic

Topics: AAC, Technology, Communication

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AAC is an abbreviation for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and it refers to a method of communication other than verbal communication. AAC is classified into two types. There are two types of technology: low tech and high tech. Low-tech may be as simple as an alphabet board on which users point to the letters to make out words and phrases. They can have their own communication books. They might point to photos or use anything like a dry erase board or boogie board to write high tech. AC is often programmed on a computer. They are goods that are classified as durable medical equipment and can be covered by insurance. Tablets and other commercially available goods are also accessible. There are communication applications accessible to anyone, but anyone with a communication challenge can benefit from them. People with congenital diagnoses, such as cerebral palsy, are seen here. To persons who have acquired traumas such as strokes or severe brain injuries, all the way up to degenerative neurological conditions such as ALS or Huntington’s disease, as well as the physician or the speech therapist. At the moment can assist in determining when it is appropriate to pursue looking at an AAC as a solution. Jimmy had already removed the communication device and was having some difficulties reaching the equipment. After obtaining access solutions, which is the method that is followed at the technology center when someone comes in for a speech therapy recommendation. The other therapists on hand, have physical therapists, occupational therapists, and a rehab engineer on the team. As a result, all work together to establish the best option for the patient. The procedure begins with a speech examination, which assesses speech, language, and cognition.