Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology – Tracking System 

Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology – Tracking System 

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In this information age, data is everything. The transmission of real-time data makes people connect and interact with each other more than ever before. To enterprises, making good use of data results in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. Chainway, the leading Internet of Things company in China, has always been dedicated to helping customers manage real-time data. They provide a whole range of products and solutions of RFID and barcode technology. A talented team of R&D researchers and engineers allows them to innovate these barcode products quickly and constantly. A strict quality management system ensures that a controlled environment is maintained to manufacture high-quality products. All manufacturing processes are tested at various points, from raw materials to final product release. Users can use their products anywhere, anytime, even in harsh environments. And a wide variety of global certification achievements promise their products to conform to international standards. Thousands of clients from over 100 countries have experienced Chainway’s products. Through their nationwide offices, overseas subsidiary, and extensive partner network, Chainway aim to provide high-quality service to its clients. Their products are applied in a wide range of industries.  

In healthcare, accurate and quick identification of drugs and patient means proper and quick care and workflow. In retail, Chainway helps retailers manage physical inventory and cycle events and help customers realize quick and easy payment. In transportation and logistics, tracking and tracing the movement of the goods maximize operational efficiency. In the electric power industry, intelligent electricity meter reading and asset checking improve productivity and security. In the livestock industry, manage electronic animal identification and provide proof of origin. Chainway products are highly customizable and much more flexible and usable than people think. For example, if a user needs a device to scan a 1D barcode and fingerprint. It is not a problem for Chainway. They have many optional functions. It is easier than ever for users to personalize their devices and make them work the way they need. Say a user wants to use it in Mexico. Of course, Chainway can set the parameter according to the user’s country and programme requirements. Chainway’s products meet users’ demands and drive their values at best. Data connection is everywhere, and Chainway is all involved in big data time. Making good advantage of data to bring value to every consumer, every business, and every government is undoubtedly the future trend, and Chainway is a strong supporter. 

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