Sensolus – Demo Day – Sigfox Connect 2018 

Sensolus – Demo Day – Sigfox Connect 2018 

February 3, 2023 544 Views


Topics: Sensolus, GPS, Advanced Sensing  

Transcript Excerpt

Sensolus provides an all-in-one asset management solution, including bio hardware, software, and application, and is based in Belgium. Sensolus creates value from location and activity data and brings solutions to the end customer. For example, in logistics, people want to know where their items are, but they also want to know how they allocate their items. Similarly, the company has a specific module for rotation and retention in the supply chain. In today’s world, even though people are setting up deals and signing off, IoT is doing its signature. Nowadays, people want to know where their shipment is and the valuable item needed for the process. To solve this, the company has developed hardware called world ready. It is a full region platform which can be tailored based on user needs. It is certified for all regions and will function as a monarch to cope with the multi-region. Additionally, it also has wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS built-in. Sensolus worked with STMicro to go to the chip level, which provides flexibility and makes it easier to integrate change in future.  

In the long run, device management makes a profit, so it’s better to have a device that works for four to five years. Sensolus also has data integrity, which means lost data can be recovered in a smart way which makes a difference in the application. Device profiling is a very important key because every asset behaves differently. The user wants a lot more data for the product currently in critical flow compared to when the product is in a non-critical flow. This makes it dynamic, so the sensor should be optimized for the minimum cost.  

Lastly, remote firmware upgrade is extremely important for the company because there are a lot of things changing in the network, as they announce new regions, new features, and maybe new services. So to adjust to that change, the device should be able to update its firmware remotely. However, one size does not fit all, so the company has created a hardware platform and a software platform based on the customers so that they can pick according to their needs. If the customers go international, they should have applications on integration and have Moar implement to switch. If the customer needs GPS, they can put GPS; if they do not want it, they can remove it. The main point is that IoT is not generic. IoT is very specific.

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