Scroll Documents for Confluence – Crash Course

Scroll Documents for Confluence – Crash Course

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Topics: variants, reuse, Big Data  

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The presenter shows how to use the scroll documents app to manage your documentation in Confluence. Scroll documents unlock advanced content management functionality like versioning, change tracking, variant management, content reuse an organization, multichannel publishing and more. Users can manage all types of documentation, both internally for their teams and externally for their customers or partners. Users can scroll documents to deliver version, product and project documentation, manage handbooks and standard operating procedures, or save snapshots of their quality manuals and procedures.  

The presenter gives an example where a company called Good Software uses scroll documents to manage the product documentation for their apps. To start managing the documentation, they first need to enable scroll documents. Once enabled, the app activates the working version for their documentation by default and will use this version to prepare changes to their documentation and save new versions as needed. To save a new version, click on the saver version button, then add some basic metadata like version, title and description, set a status and set custom restrictions to prevent others from editing the saved version. Once saved, the version appears in the list alongside the working version.  

Users can also compare the changes between two versions of their documentation using the comparison tool. Select the versions to compare from the list to see an overview of the pages that have changed in the left navigation bar. Click on a page to see the changes to its content. Navigate between the changes using the next and previous buttons, or scroll through them. Variants enable good software to deliver documentation based on the needs of different user groups, including end users, developers, partners and even their sales team. To create a manual just for the developers, set the rules for which content will be included in each variant, and you can see a preview of the content on the right-hand side.  

Another powerful feature of scroll documents is the ability to reorganize and reuse existing conference content across the documentation. To reuse content, search for the page to include in the documentation and drag and drop it into the page tree. Scroll documents offer integrations that enable users to publish their documentation with its versions and variants in offline and online formats. To take advantage of these publishing features in Scroll documents, the user must install separate apps that integrate with Scroll documents. The app is available in the Atlassian Marketplace, where new users can try it for free for 30 days.

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