Remote SIM Provisioning Made Easy with Thales 

Remote SIM Provisioning Made Easy with Thales 

February 6, 2023 655 Views


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Transcript Excerpt

The first module with IoT Connectivity Activation will be shown by Thales Analytics and IoT solutions. This cellular IoT module has an integrated eSIM that can be set to the operator of people choosing when the IoT device is turned on for the first time. By doing this, people essentially do away with the need to handle any physical SIMs during the creation or customization of devices. This also opens the door for the use of eSIM technology in the industrial IoT arena. This is adapted today in technology in consumer space. What further ways can people discuss this tech? The initial remote provisioning of connectivity profiles either at the device personalization center or during device production. Second, based on the circumstances, the best operator is chosen: signal strength, geography, network etc. Thirdly, if the primary connectivity provider is unable to offer service at that time, people switch to a backup provider. What advantages do people receive?  Costs associated with manufacturing and logistics are first reduced. Faster installation times come in second, while uptime optimization for business continuity comes in third. The Thales site allows for the storage of connectivity plans from several suppliers. One can enter as many connectivity plans as they like using this interface. The ICC IDs and activation numbers people get from the desired mobile network provider. In the following step, people can either choose from a list of established interim rules or write one’s own. Therefore, in this instance, this provisional rule will permit devices to choose the best operator for a particular location depending on the circumstances present there, such as their signal strength. Choosing tools that will provide to the operator the strongest signal in a particular area. The embedded LPA and eSIM will download the operator profile without any site intervention when the device is turned on with the Thales platform, which will then communicate to decide which operator is ideal for that location. People may control the entire lifestyle of connectivity without ever having to touch the device by viewing the summary of all activated subscriptions. The improvement is made possible through the Thales platform. This video was done by Jose Sanchez from Thales Analytics and IoT solutions. People are moving into a new age of IoT technology and Thales is making it possible by adding these new forms of remote. Allowing it to be possible for the growth of network tech by connecting these storage of connectivity plans. 

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