Realtime SQL Server DBA Training 

Realtime SQL Server DBA Training 

May 11, 2022 97 Views

SQL School Training Institute  

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Transcript Excerpt

The SQL school or Software Training Institute is dedicated to providing complete practical course exclusively on SQL Server technologies including SQL Server DBA. In this short presentation, the students shall be understanding the course curriculum and the modules involved in SQL DBA training that include TSQL and SQL Server programming, basic SQL Database Design and Administration activities, advanced SQL Server activities, and real-time project implementation. A real-time complete practical training on SQL server 2008 R2 and 2012 Database Design and Administration (DBA) challenges to be designed to understand basic through advanced Database Design and Administration activities. The school will provide study material and practice material including a real-time case study and project in this course. The first module, T-SQL is a server programming fundamental that provides an understanding of the installation components such as the installation-specific services and service accounts. Moreover, the SQL Server database design and planning operations provide in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations for internal database design principles with respect to files, filegroups, pages, and compression operations. Next, data integrity and constraint rules to enforce valid consistent data storage and delivery. The school will also focus on the creation of stored procedures, the use of processor cache, the creation understanding and use of user different functions as well as the types of trigger types of cursors including their uses and limitations, memory consumption ratios, transaction concepts, and transaction types. In addition to that, some basic SQL administrative lessons will be offered as listed as follows: transaction blocking and deadlock issues, choosing the best isolation levels, backup strategies and backup options, and many more. These strategies are to be in production and their usage with respect to different types of restores, replication monitoring techniques, and special care on peer-to-peer replication topology and limitations. The basic SQL DBA module also includes security audits, data level encryptions like storing passwords in a secured format, performance tuning, SSIS import and export operations, database snapshots, database cloning, and documentation techniques. Also, the students will learn about troubleshooting meteorologists which includes security and audits, DBCC database commands and management including management tools from the basic module. Understanding the maintenance plans and integration services allows students to take a suitable approach toward database administration such as daily activities, common utilities, and remote access using linked services. Overall, the course highlights offered by the school include interactive sessions, case study materials, and real-time projects. In addition, the school will help the students to prepare for resumes and offer free job support if students can successfully complete the session. Lastly, the certification material will be provided to all students who completed the session. The students can apply for a free demand to experience the technical quality of session and services. 

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