Ready Asset Tracking Dashboard Overview 

Ready Asset Tracking Dashboard Overview 

February 6, 2023 482 Views

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Topics: Environmental, BAT-X, Advanced Sensing  

Transcript Excerpt

The presenter starts by showing the overview of BAT-X and customizing the device. The home screen shows all the devices, including where it was the last time it checked in and what time it checked in at. One can access extra details of the device by clicking on the thermometer, including history. All the devices are on the left-hand side of the status page. Clicking on the device will reveal the battery life along with environmental readings such as temperature, pressure, humidity and lighting, including the last check-in location of the device. Selecting the route provides a detailed report on the trip it took from where it checked in. The history tab allows specific information about a specified period to be accessed and exported to a file. History shows that anytime the device has found a rule that has been broken and is very identical to alerts. However, alerts also provide the latitude and longitude to show where this event happened, and available settings can be set up with alerts to either be sent by text or email notification or both. Four different notifications can be set, first is speed, did the device go over threshold speed, second is geofence, did the asset leave the boundary? The third is the battery, it notifies when the device reaches a specific percentage. The last one is drop detection, this alert is for fragile and sensitive items to ensure they have not tipped over in transportation, causing damage to the product.  

The environmental readings in BAT-X are very flexible and easy to adjust. These environmental readings are essential in scenarios like if one must transport a chest freezer and want to ensure the temperatures are always in the safe zone for human consumption. This will document in conjunction with the routing that all is safe from pickup to delivery, and if it does fall out of range again, one would be alerted of that event. The device reads the pressure in hectopascals which tells the pressure in the air for either weather predictability or cabin pressures in high or low altitudes humidity. This can be very sensitive; too much humidity can cause mold, and insufficient humidity can cause electric shock. BAT-X is not just a tracking device; it can be more with the environmental readings it supports. One can find a sweet spot between usage and battery recharging to make the most sense to the user and their business. Users can set as many geofences as they need just by entering the address and polygon’s radius. 

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