Provide Logistics Globally With Softengi IoT

Provide Logistics Globally With Softengi IoT

May 9, 2022 92 Views


Topics: ERP system, Data, IoT

Transcript Excerpt

Softengi has been operating on the global market for 25 years and specializes in digital transformation consulting. The Softengi goal is to provide logistics globally in the business sector with the appliance of modern digital solutions and  IoT through the logistics and accounting processes automation system. The system works because each truck has the trackers installed, which track the location and speed of the truck using the GPS/GLONASS receiver to transmit the information via GSM communication to the server. The GPS tracker utilizes additional analog and digital sensors to control engine speed, temperature, vehicle axle load, and different characteristics. Besides, the tracker system connects to the vehicle’s onboarding computer, where the employees can access the data via the web or the mobile application. However, the access rights and generated reports can be limited. In addition, in the fuel tank, there are fuel sensors used to monitor the fuel consumption and control the amount of fuel in the tank to determine whether refuelling is needed. The company’s equipment provides a high degree of protection from external factors and fault tolerance. The driver identification systems make it possible for the employees to record their personal working hours, track completed trips, and also detect violated operations. The collected data from the driver identification system is transferred into the ERP system. The remote control system and on-site supervisors can monitor the equipment’s performance, checking its operating status. The software switched the icon’s color, which depends on the state of an asset, and with alarm messages that appear in the pop-up window. All of these outcomes are recorded and can be transferred into the report that can be accessed at any time. All these tracking features allow the user to increase the work efficiency and access the report through the report configurator that uses various types of reports that can be easily accessed and shared through email at the specified time. In addition, the system can generate two possible routes between the points. After all the data has been checked, the system automatically updates the completed waybill to the ERP system. The use of the mobile application within the ERP system allows the user to access all of the tracking insights in a fast and convenient manner. In addition, the mobile app can be used by drivers for unloading processing. Overall, the ERP systems’ benefits include the less staff needed in the production units, low operation costs, elimination of the fuel theft, and an increase in productivity through equipment control, accounting, and reporting benefits.