Project Showcase Get Started with RFID 

Project Showcase Get Started with RFID 

March 3, 2023 539 Views

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Topic: RFID, Eminem , LF RFID 

Transcript Excerpt

To talk about RFID for radio frequency identification and  part of the group of technologies along with things like bar codes called automatic identification and data capture or if User do is used for things like ID badging and controlling access restricted area or asset tracking said track injury management preventive fit prevention in the pharmaceutical in the Pharmaceutical industry or if it has been with users in one form or another since the mid-1940s with things like their honest listening device and as well as identification friend or foe transponder is used in aircraft during World War 2 now 75 years later user have got three options there are active tags or express told  thing to stick in car then user lp just read User to list down the highway there are passive tags like these and these have no power source rather they rely on the RF energy transmitted from the reader to send their signal and the third type is semi passive now what passive tags they require the energy from the reader to send their signals however they do have a memory like the after tax in the case of semi passive tag hash tags do not batteries usually only user pepper a sensor and the associated strike in from as far as readers for example if User were to get our RFID quick but wants to help speed life air classifier classic laundry tank because Users are small they’re not going to be compatible. if User D tagger disagreed are distance probably when User could probably want to go with Users simultaneous underwriting reader because with the proper antenna that can read tags at up to four and a half metres away of course like with all our mini projects out the correct tag the correct tags now since Users have been spending a lot more time together at home Users have learned something Users have a terrible problem with Eminem consumption. User picked up an old coin operated vending machine and User want to work now User going to go into the build of this just know that is very similar to the LED gumball machine. This is an RFID project User did have to make a little bit of a modification at the faceplate is about 2MM thick metal and even if User moved all their stuff from the back of it which is really cool mechanism User still couldn’t read the tags through the metal so User had to 3D print a plastic wait for it but other than that it’s all good so inside options User have got the red board quick they have got the quick RFID reader and a quick real time clock module that keeps an eye on what day it is and limits to two servings per day everybody in the family gets an RFID card the dad card come on hard and the sun card to say User as a dad quantum Eminem take user dad card and swipe it guess doshi service of Eminem suppose User want a second servant to help me it again got the green indicator light telling yes User may have list Eminem on  way User suppose they want third serving well too bad  get the lights of shame and Users don’t get Eminem till the next day. If Users have new and want to get started recommending taking look at tutorials and using those half the RFID quick, it as a jumping off point and see what User come up with till that have a great day and happy hacking. 

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