Pioneer CDJ3000 for Digital DJs

Pioneer CDJ3000 for Digital DJs

May 9, 2022 83 Views

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Whenever new features are announced and users are given or borrowed or put in front of one of these DJs, the firmware must be updated because the Pioneer CDJ3000 might not have the necessary firmware. To begin the installation, users need to check whether the unit needs a firmware update at all by turning it on, and then go to the menu button at the top and hold it hold for more than a second. Then, users can check out the screen to check the version of the unit and go to the website in the support area and then click on the firmware area for the particular unit; however, in this case, it is the CDJ3000. By comparing the online version with the version that is currently installed on this machine, users can easily know if the unit needs a new update. Furthermore, if the unit needs a new installation, users can download the online version into the Download folder, and then put the downloaded firmware into the USB stick. In order to update a unit, firstly, users need to turn off the unit and then hold down the In/Cue and Reloop buttons while turning the unit on again. Once the screen displays “Connect USB storage device into a top USB port”, then users stick the USB into the port. Lastly, after the firmware update is complete, turn off the unit, remove the USB, and then turn the power back on again. Now, users can use the unit since it is all updated with new features and facilities. According to MixMag, the latest new update of the Pioneer CDJ3000 allows users to play track tracks from the cloud-based Dropbox library. The addition of rekordbox CloudDirectPlay means that users can easily manage their music online alongside the advanced features of the unit. Moreover, if the user either lost or damaged the USB storage device, the user can easily disable authentication from rekordbox and export a new authentication key to a different device so music in the library is always secure.  Apart from these, if users are interested in learning more about the Pioneer CDJ3000, go check out the digitaltipwebsties or can purchase the Digital DJ Gear Buyer’s Guide from Amazon.