Infinity Basic Walkthrough | Project Management Tool 

Infinity Basic Walkthrough | Project Management Tool 

April 1, 2023 630 Views


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Transcript Excerpt

The video covers Infiniti’s key elements and features so users can get started in no time. The biggest Infinity unit is a workspace; inside one workspace, work is arranged on boards. So, for example, a workspace can be a company or brand, and the boards inside can be two different departments in that company, like marketing, sales, business development and so on. In Infinity, there are three ways users can set up their board: start from scratch, use a template or import a board from Trello. A board is divided into three sections. On the left is the folder tree. In the centre, users can view and edit their items, and at the top are the customization options. Inside a board, users can classify their work further into folders and subfolders. The basic unit of Infinity is an item, and it can be anything, a task, an idea, a database record, a lead, a note, or whatever else the user needs to organize. Users can add labels, attachments, dates, text and many others like checkboxes, checklists, links, etc. When creating a new folder, users can immediately choose among four different views list, columns, calendar and table. They can also load a template or import data from Trello or a CSV file. Another cool thing about Infinity is the tabs. In combination with customization options, Tabs will allow the users to see specific data from a folder or view your data differently. In Infinity, users can choose among four views, list, columns, calendar and table. Users can easily move their tasks around as they work on them. With a customizer, users can hide or show certain attributes without removing them from the items. Users can quickly switch between tabs, whatever they need to see their data differently. Infinity was designed to make collaboration more effective. Users can invite team members directly from the board, where they can choose to invite them to the whole team or this board only. They can assign tasks to one or multiple people. And they can communicate in the context of their tasks. Users can mention their colleagues in the comments and immediately receive a notification. Users can choose to turn off all notifications or just some of them. And they can choose to delay notifications or disable them at certain times of the day. Finally, users can use the activity log to track changes on their board or any specific item. In the dashboard, users can create a new workspace, create a new board, and access some other board options. 

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