How to Use Canva without an External Mouse

How to Use Canva without an External Mouse

May 15, 2022 215 Views

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Keyboard shortcuts can alter the length and breadth of any element, picture and shape. One can also resize text or any element that can be resized on Canva, a graphic design software used for marketing content, and e-commerce communication. There are four different ways of altering the length, and the breadth of the elements in Canva – namely: measuring, moving, rotating, and resizing. One can also use key shortcuts such as alt.+Shift+Control, angle brackets, and the arrow keys. One can see the distance between the two elements or their own distance with the layout of the page. Whenever there is an element selected, by hitting the alt key it will display the measurement guidance from left, right, top and bottom so the user can see if they are measured in pixels. Whenever the element is selected, it is possible to hit the previous key, and the measurement guidance is shown. If someone wants to find the distance between two elements in Canva, it is possible to move the cursor on top of the element without clicking, then press the alt key and it will show the distance between the two elements. As a next step, just the arrow keys are used to move. The element is moving one pixel at a time, so if anyone wants to move 10 pixels at a time, it is possible to use the shift and arrow key shortcuts. For precision when placing an object between two elements, all it takes is pressing the shift key and then clicking on the moving element. As for rotating elements, the control alt key and the angle brackets can be used. To rotate by one pixel, all it takes is to press control alt and then the angle brackets. The right angle bracket will make the element move anticlockwise while the left will rotate it clockwise by one pixel. The shift and angle brackets can be used at the same time to rotate the element in both directions. To rotate the text element, it is necessary to select the text element and then use the control A and angle brackets. Keys cannot be pressed consecutively to go at a faster pace, though: this only works for adjusting the letter spacing. If someone wants to rotate the text element by 10 pixels instead of 1, only in a clockwise direction, they can use the control Alt shift and left angle bracket. There are resizing options on the corners of the Canva screen, along with on the edges, by hitting the control and the arrow keys to resize the element by one pixel.