How to track files with RFID – Demonstration

How to track files with RFID – Demonstration

March 5, 2023 494 Views

Tracer Plus

Topics: RFID, database, Advanced Sensing 

Transcript Excerpt

The presenter started by demonstrating file tracking with the TC2000 and the TC20 Zebra devices. The presenter is in the Rpts demo room, where they have their cubicle setup. The presenter selected a bunch of folders from the Rpts demo room and put RFID tags on them. The TC-20 also has a barcode scanner so that the user can use this for tracer plus barcode applications as well. The users need the TC2000 sled, and they can take RTC 20, snap it right into the sled, and open up the tracer plus app. 

The users can download the application from the website and install them onto their devices.  

To enter the files in the database, first, the user will select the location in the application and start scanning. They will hear a sound as it picks up the RFID tags, and when it’s done picking up the RFID tags, they won’t hear a sound. This is a really quick and easy way to capture all of the tags. With a barcode, the user has to scan every single file, and in the process, they might miss some of them or they don’t see one. Using the RFID gun, the user can pick up every single item on the desk within a minute. 

Let’s say the user is in the office trying to find someone’s file. What they can do is utilize the database and select an item. When the user selects the case filename and clicks locate, they see that the tag locator comes up. And as they pull the trigger, a progress bar will show the percentage increasing as they get closer to this EPC value. In this case, the presenter identified that the file ends in 2813. And he pulls the trigger, and as he comes near the file, the app shows how close they are on the progress bar. Once the user is very close to the file, the progress bar will show readings above 90%. This way, the users can find their files very quickly. If the user goes back to the database, they can see that the last scan was in a specific room. They can come to that room, select that filename, and pull the trigger, they will quickly see if it’s really here or not by the percentage on the bar, and then they can go to investigate even further if they don’t find it there. So it is a quick and easy way to find something. 

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