How to record a Change Request in the isoTracker

How to record a Change Request in the isoTracker

February 6, 2023 431 Views 

Topics: Access, Workflow, Autonomous System

Transcript Excerpt

The presenter demonstrated the change request process, which allows users to recommend certain changes to the document. Once submitted, the changes must be approved before they can be implemented. There are two types of users. Write access users are document administrators and can alter a document via two different processes. They can either directly checkout the document in question, make changes, and check it back in, or submit a formal change request outlining the alterations they wish to be made. A Read access user can only view the document. The change request process is the only way for them to make changes to the document. Click on the Green Plus icon to the right of the change request title. This opens the change request object, where the user can enter the details of the change request. Note that a document can only have one change request active at a given time, so once one request has been submitted, no other requests regarding this document can be logged until the workflow process for the first request is complete. Once a change request is submitted, the approvals of the document will receive change request notifications on their summary pages, via e-mail and in their approval folders. Now click on any change request notifications, and the user will be redirected to the task they need to perform: review and approve the change request. Notice the change request details here and see the approvers listed below. The approval must then choose to approve or reject using the options provided in the dropdown list. Note that if the request is rejected, the document will immediately be removed from the workflow. Right access users will be notified that the request has been approved on their summary pages via e-mail and in the checkout folder under the Activities section. Next, one of the right access users must implement the proposed changes. By clicking on the approved change request link on your summary page, the user will be directed to the appropriate place to complete the task. Now the user can click the checkout button to open the document, make changes and save it on their computer. Now that the document has been checked out, it can be opened in the isoTracker folder. The padlock in the action column to the right of the document listed indicates that the document is currently in the workflow. The user can hover the mouse over the padlock to see the document status. 

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