<strong>How to Connect eSIM Devices to your Network</strong>

How to Connect eSIM Devices to your Network

February 6, 2023 569 Views

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about consumer esim remote provisioning and how to get started for new ECM users on the network. All customer devices that are GSME certified are compatible with the solution. Can subscribers use the same number across devices if this is pretty much all the devices available today, including those from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and others? Yes, this simply functions the same as it does now using the existing number portability process. Can one show a demo before people are proceeding? Yes, people can show people a demo using the devices or peoples own devices using one’s own network connectivity. Do people need a GSM to observe how things operate exactly? No, a GSM, not an allowed hosted solution. Do people need to work with an Apple approved partner to connect devices to be able to provision apple devices? People do not need to work with an Apple approved partner, but if one would like to use the entitlement server, this is a requirement which our solution provides. Do people need an entitlement server? This is not necessary for iPhones, but it is necessary for provisioning. Can a subscriber use the same QR code to re-download a profile, for example, to a second device? Once a profile is deleted, it returns to the secure profile pool database. For the customer to reactivate the profile, one will need to contact the operator so the DP plus can be updated with the matching ID and the existing QR code can be reused or a new QR code to sign So, it must first be turned off on the preceding device. Can there be a limit to users to just one’s network profile and disable GSM? The solution is secure without a doubt. They are accredited by the GSME Security Accreditation Scheme and ISO 27,000 and One, and they guarantee the highest degree of information security. They have successfully managed over 10 billion connections while preventing even one security breach. Can people use different suppliers? Yes, Works provides a nonproprietary and fully interoperable solution that enables people to satisfy standard UICC SIM requirements for dual or multiple supplier capabilities. Do they provide remote SIM provisioning for M2M E Sims? Definitely. The company provides an end-to-end solution with profile development and testing, a cloud-hosted SMTP and SMS platform, and remote SIM provisioning services to meet the needs of the M2M architecture. One of the top gsm certified esim providers in the globe can teach peopl more about consumer esim remote provisioning. 

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