How RFID Technology Enabled RTI tracking and Management  

How RFID Technology Enabled RTI tracking and Management  

March 2, 2023 714 Views

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Topics: RTI, RFID, Returnable Item Tracking  
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Millions of returnable transport items such as containers, bins, pallets, racks, and kegs move through the global supply chain providing the most fundamental way parts, materials, and finished goods reach their destination. So how do companies manage the RTI difference by using human error, prone, location-based tracking methods, or environmentally harmful unreliable paper barcode labels?  

Several obstacles prevent companies from getting the details needed to manage a reusable asset fleet profit. These obstacles are inappropriate and/or unreliable tracking; extending supply chains and globalization; manual processes and errors; labor and time shortages; unverified arrival and departure records; and loss of visibility and control of one of the returnable assets leave the owners’ facilities. 

Do companies have to deal with these problems? No, RFIDs are a solution ideally suited to meet the challenges of RTI asset management. Enabling the real-time tracking of each RTI asset from the moment it leaves to the moment it is returned. Each RTI is equipped with a unique and durable RFID tag that identifies the type and size of the unit as well as the date it was placed in service, another essential data you need to monitor. Many types of RTIs can be purchased with RFID tags that are already affixed or in-mold RFID tags which are all-in-one labels injected into the plastic RTI. RFID tags can be quickly, reliably, and inexpensively applied to existing RTI fleets. 

SmartX Hub’s comprehensive solution combines RFID technology with a robust software platform that provides accurate inventory and supply chain information to help companies streamline returnable asset activities and closely manage returnable assets with minimal time and labor. Using RFID handheld terminals and gates with RFID readers gives access to all information about the container’s content and works clearly during storage and shipment, preventing the loss of perishable products by efficient management. Once an RFID is enabled an RTI system is in place. Information on the tags can be automatically captured whenever the readers are within range of an RFID reader whether it is a fixed reader located in a warehouse store or loading dock. A mobile reader mounted on a pallet jack, or a handheld reader is carried to do trading partnered facility quick inventory.  

Integrating the SmartX Hub system with an ERP system provides companies with wide visibility of RTIs. Ensuring the required assets are available at the appropriate locations to fulfill any transportation requests. Even in far-off or remote locations, it allows warehouses, branches, and customers to operate in an integrated way. With the RFID container technology, you can decrease the loss of time and cut down on human error, waste less money, reduce the negative impact on the environment, create motivated workers, efficient managers, satisfied customers, and a healthy planet.