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Topics: Turo ,Travel, Car Rental

Transcript Excerpt

Nowadays the car rentals are struggling as they have sold all the inventory due to Covid and now are having big demands. Now that many people are vaccinated they have plans to travel the car crunch is causing some real sticker shock. Today the car prices are 83% more than in 2019 and this is a study from Kayak Cars. This is a very shocking situation for every customer. In places like Miami Beach, FL the prices are higher to 239% and Myrtle Beach, SC 265%, and Lihue, HI 512%.  Rental cars have skyrocketed. One of the girls in the video that will travel to Hawaii says that the prices are out of this place. Another girl in the video claims that she and her family saved money because they feel the tank with gas themselves. John De Fries is the President and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority and he claims that they never expected so many tourists to come back after the pandemic hit. Hawaii’s rental car fleet decreased by more than 40% during the pandemic. However, the Authorities of Hawaii suggest to customers to not rent moving vans but instead think of Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing. To understand it better, think of them as Airbnb for cars. ‘Turo” is a big player in the car-sharing marketplace when we check it out we found plenty of options and sometimes much lower rates than a rental car. The prices on “Turo” are much cheaper than in other places. For instance, on other websites a car maybe $700.00 a day but the same car on “Turo” is only 200$ per day. Andre Haddad is the CEO of “Turo” and he claims that his company has saved many people’s holidays. He admits that there are plenty of options and the best part is that they offer the delivery service too. They also offer insurance and damage coverage. The host girl tries the webpage herself and she books a car that is a Chevy equinox that will cost 107 bucks a day she also chooses the package of minimum insurance and all of that will be 156$ per day. Let’s see the process from the beginning. Mabel is the girl that delivers the car to the host. First, they will both take pictures of the car with their phones to make sure that the car has no damage. Photos are taken inside and outside of the car. Next, Mabel checks the license. Finally, the cars are delivered. One drawback of “Turo” is the delivery fees that may be high but they depend on the destination and the car that you are picking. Some of the rental cars that are mentioned in the video are: To book the car early, Off Airport Locations, and Check with car dealerships.

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