eSIM Everything you Need to Know

eSIM Everything you Need to Know

February 9, 2023 566 Views

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Transcript Excerpt

The technology has been around for a while, but it’s only recently started to become more widely used. In this video, they’ll go over the fundamentals, explain what a SIM is, and explain how it works. People also rant a little bit about the eSIM because of some of the reasons they don’t like it, and then people help decide whether it still needs physical SIMs. Because of this, eSIM technology may seem quite self-explanatory to certain individuals, but if people are not very interested in technology, there are some people in life who have no idea what an eSIM is. This is what this video is about, so let’s get started. The E stand for eSIM is pretty low level but what does it stand for earlier people  said electronics SIM card, and this is the little rant. So, people don’t have to worry about dealing with physical SIM cards or that tiny little tool it comes with instead it comes built into the phone which becomes an annoyance for some people. People can download a new cell phone plan, connect to the new network or a different plan. It may be all digitally without having to hold anything physical in the hand. So, if people want any sim from 18 to T-Mobile, they will have to choose one for the E sim and one for the physical sim. They have a business line or a work line or maybe people just want a different cell phone network but want to keep the same number or you want to have two lines for whatever reason that’s one of the main benefits of eSIM. It is necessary to have an iPhone 10 S or newer to have an eSIM-capable phone, but even after that, if they have a phone with eSIM and want to use AT&T and T-Mobile network for different cell phone plans for different reasons, the phone does need to be unlocked. So how do we determine if their cell phone is unlocked? Today, people are focusing on iPhones, so they must have an iPhone 10 S or newer. Let’s quickly go over how to determine if their phone is unlocked, specifically for iPhones, by asking whether you purchased it directly from the manufacturer or from a third party. If they purchased it from a third party, it may not be unlocked. If they purchased it directly from your carrier network, it may also not be unlocked. 

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