DRONE DOMETM: Securing The Airspace Against  Drones and UAVs

DRONE DOMETM: Securing The Airspace Against Drones and UAVs

April 1, 2022 104 Views

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd

Topics: Drone Dome, Combat, Drone 

Transcript Excerpt

The skies have become a new battlefront with threats ranging from small commercial to large military drones, maintaining a clear and safe sky requires a comprehensive solution that can accurately detect identify and neutralize these threats while minimizing interference and collateral damage. Raphael introduces Drone Dome⁠: a combat proven end-to-end solution for securing the airspace against a wide range of hostile drones and UAVs. It provides 360-degree coverage in all weather conditions and can be deployed in stationary mobile and fast deployment configurations on land as well as at sea. Also, Drone Dome integrates all the capabilities in a single end-to-end solution by combining its radar and multi-sensor systems; it can detect multiple threats from a long distance in all weather conditions using its advanced DTOA technology. Additionally, the electro optical sensor locks in on the detected target while tracking it using video motion detection using machine learning technology and a comprehensive library of drone patterns. The system can assist in the classification of the object, it also offers a variety of threat mitigation options. It can block the drone’s communication in GPS channels using reactive jamming technology or intercept the drone using a high-power laser beam that can accurately disable specific drone components while ensuring safety at the heart of the technology is its command-and-control module operated by a single operator the systemm correlates real-time data from multiple distributed sensors providing complete situational awareness on a map. Its open architecture enables seamless integration with multiple effectors sensors and systems. With dozens of deployments around the world, Drone Dome offers combat proven experience defending military HLS and civil sites against hostile drones and UAVS.