WPAN, also known as wireless personal area network, is a type of personal area network that is used to connect an individual’s devices within on place under one network. One way to understand how a WPAN works is to think as it like a hotspot, where it its only limited to the devices that is within the circle of the center device. Where the center device is to require having connection to internet service before other devices could utilize the WPAN technology. For example, a lot of people would choose to use a wireless mouse and keyboard when using an iPad. In order to connect the wireless mouse and keyboard to the iPad, these two technologies must be within the WPAN circle in order to be connected and use. This kind of network is used a lot in technology companies by many individual workers.

To successfully use WPAN there are two main components that must be satisfied. The first one being the source of internet, this could either be the wireless router or a source of technology that is connected to internet. The source of internet is very important because it is the baseline for all the other wireless devices to be connected under one network. Once the source of internet is founded or connected, the second components could be anything that is wireless that need to be connected to the WPAN. Examples of the second components could be things like, a wireless printer, mouse, keyboard, or headphones. This would bring convenience to the user, where work could be done anywhere within the range without having to carry a cord around to say print a file. It would just automatically print with a press of a button on the device.

WPAN is very beneficial because it would be able to speed up the process of sending files from one device to another and not have to worry about finding a connection cord to do the work. Just like how workers can leave a charging laptop on the desk but still be able to get printing files from the print in the printer room or when a scan of bar code the product information immediately shows up on the screen. This would allow users to work from different areas within the network range and would allow workers to easily collaborate in the surround areas. WPAN is also one way to group different devices under one network providing information, tools, or other technology for a more convenient and benefit use, in ways like time consuming and easy to operate.