Car Sharing

Car sharing is one of the available systems for ride-sharing using passenger vehicles, and it is based on the sharing of a single automobile or passenger vehicle that is owned by a third party (business subject). This enables users to travel by shared vehicle rather than their automobile, and the vehicle may be accessed using a regular key card at the specifically designated stations with a set wage or reimbursement. This is especially common in urban areas. In the current world, the IoT idea offers several new car-sharing options. The basic goal of the Internet of Things is to link everyone and everything at any time to one another and everything else around them.

In this Era, we can use car sharing with the help of the internet or mobile application easily. Just follow some steps and we can enjoy a ride with this model. Register for your account, reserve a car in your city, unlock your car with your smartphone, drive wherever you want to, park almost anywhere, for free, and end your trip via the app. This article will analyze the usage of IoT solutions to enhance the system since we are investigating the potential of certain relatively new technologies and technical solutions that require suitable infrastructure. For the aim of the car-sharing system, modern technologies are required, including services basis on information, communication, and location-based navigation.

The IoT concept’s sudden development is estimated to open up several opportunities for its use in various transport services. In industrialized cities, car sharing is one of the newest and fastest-growing modes of transportation. The growth of this will be influenced by how information and communication technologies and IoT are used in the future. In particular, the following four IoT features are crucial for the car sharing system: Interoperability between heterogeneous objects, rapid application development, quick and simple usage of new data sources, and platform performance.