Comm Tech

In the technology era, we easily see smartphones, tablets/ iPads everywhere which are used by diversified types of people and differentiated ages.

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Therefore, it can be said communication technology or comm tech in short, has a certain impact on human lives and businesses/ industries. Along with the appearance of many trendy social networks such as Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc. in the youth community due to its convenience of exchanging information and making new friends and its intelligence of Google maps, supporting a lot of complicated roads and traffic jam and so on. Even though there are some cons like disrespecting the private life of someone and/or using smartphones and other devices without allocating reasonable time (which comes from the youths), comm tech seems powerful and effective from a business perspective for connecting successfully with customers and potentials. Let's take a look at a few impressive numbers on how communication technologies affect humans as below.

With a load of emerging advanced technologies and new trends, businesses must adapt to new trends, changing environments, and conditions and develop them to effectively communicate with partners and customers. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence come in, marking a technological revolution in the way how we speak to customers. Over 25,000 conversations monthly are conducted through chatbots. Email marketing, Messaging/ chatbots, and social media management are the process of computerization communications and a dramatic percentage of 75% of companies are utilizing them. Plus, video conference technology is also a popular choice in all businesses and companies. According to a study, relatively Six in Ten Americans adopt this technology platform for meetings, work, and social purposes.

Without a doubt, there are always advantages and disadvantages of utilizing communication technologies at the same time, but the important thing is that companies need to determine their strategies and proper goals using these technologies. Wrong choices lead to damaged brand reputation and failure to build a strong relationship with potential customers so going through the advantages of utilizing the right communication technologies helps us avoid unexpected traps and bad results in customer service, relationships, and negative adjustments. Conversely, good choices help generate the right customers' insights and then improve service performance and product functions/ designs. Also, the right technologies assist to monitor conversations and then offering better services and customer services. Some essential ways associating with technologies make communications more purposeful. First, Social media analytics or Hootsuite tools are used to measure brand mentions, feedback, etc., or chatbots for 24/7 responses. Second, monitor effective communications through CRM and other software and social media communication automation and email automation communication are used to promote productivity by 20%.