Automotive CMOS Image Sensor

Automotive CMOS Image Sensor

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Topics: Image Sensors, Autonomous, Advanced Sensing 

Transcript Excerpt

Sony’s CMOS image sensors for automotive cameras is built to create beyond the human eyes cameras system for autonomous driving the sensors deliver simultaneous LED flicker mitigation and high-quality HDR capturing, enabling high precision recognition regardless of lighting conditions. This approach envelops the car with a big  safety cocoon while driving which allows passengers to sit back relax and enjoy  the ride, the safety cocoon represent a safe zone in which the vehicle safety is secured in various daily driving situations by having 360 detection area around vehicle, this enables autonomous system to analyze, evaluate and act on perceived risks, with safety cocoon enabled car is  able to detect possible dangers from  far away than human and can react  accordingly. 

When been startled by a sudden appearance of an obstacle on the road, safety cocoon allows  vehicle to detect upcoming obstacles from up to 500 yards away and avoid them with ease even when driving on the highway which is made possible with the use of Sony’s high-resolution image sensors enveloped by safety cocoon, cars can identify potential dangers from a wider perspective than the human eye imagine. 

When stopped at an intersection turning right during a red light can sometimes be dangerous, surrounded by safety cocoon cars will notice another car approaching from the left without slowing down and judge when it’s safe to merge into the flow of traffic. Sony’s high-resolution image sensors protects cars from all sides and detect possible dangers well ahead of time, safety cocoon gives cars the ability to identify potentially dangerous situations more quickly than the human eye, safety cocoon will detect sudden movement faster than the human eye and react in time to evade a collision. 

Sony’s  lightning-fast image sensors can capture  images at a speed of 1,000 frames per  second but car protected by safety  cocoon can detect danger even when it is  too bright for a person to see properly , Sony’s image  sensors are capable of capturing images  even in situations with strong  contrasting light  even when it is too dark for the human  eye to see, safety cocoon enables car to detect what is  happening around it ,with safety cocoon cars will be able to see the approaching  pedestrian even in the dark and prepare  to take preventive measures . 

Sony’s highly sensitive image sensors can capture crystal-clear images even in the dark and makes it possible to quickly recognize a situation reliably capturing images and accurately obtaining information across a range of situations to facilitate autonomous driving. 

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