Aero Scout at Celebration Health Hospital | RTLS | STANLEY Healthcare   

Aero Scout at Celebration Health Hospital | RTLS | STANLEY Healthcare   

January 18, 2023 510 Views

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Topics: RTLS, monitoring, Advanced Sensing 

Transcript Excerpt

Celebration health went with RTLS in the design of the new innovation unit to begin to integrate how the company communicates and tracks processes within their workflow as a care team and their patients, monitoring what that flow looks like from the patient’s standpoint. Aeroscout was selected as their RTLS vendor. They really have become the foundation that the hospital will be utilizing in terms of pulling in all the other partner technologies that they have access to, to build the type of infrastructure to truly advance and change the way that healthcare is delivered at Celebration Health.  

So RTLS on the innovation unit and using the Aeroscout technology, have been able to see improvements in terms of the processes and workflow that they analyzed on a daily basis with how the staff function and do their work. This allows the company to determine how can they better impact their workflow, are the workers spending multiple hours of their day searching for equipment, are they travelling multiple steps on a unit because of their assignments in terms of one patient being assigned to a room in front of the unit and their other patient is assigned to a room in the back of the unit. In addition, they also wanted to be able to determine if the worker is spending ten percent of their time in a patient’s room and how that correlate to patient satisfaction and outcomes. So that’s what it’s been able to provide for us and what we hope to see correlations in the future.  

Some of the solutions the hospital has installed in the innovation unit track the presence and accuracy of staff entering and leaving the patient room, the nurse’s station areas etc throughout the unit, as well as the tracking of pumps throughout the facility so that they can monitor where those resources are, that the nursing staff so critically need throughout their care delivery to the patient, as well as the temperature and humidity monitoring within the patient rooms so that when the patient tells there is a change in temperature, they can identify what the accurate temperature is in that room and adjust it accordingly.  

The future of RTLS in the innovation unit is to expand to hand hygiene monitoring. It’s an area of healthcare that is very tricky to monitor accurately as well as capacity management and being able to ideally start to predict our volume fluctuations. Then seasonally, as we have the snowbirds come in the winter be able to start to predict what that capacity management looks like and truly provide the best in care to our patients at all times. 

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