A Tutorial for RFID Tracking Solution

A Tutorial for RFID Tracking Solution

May 16, 2022 122 Views


Topics: Fixed RFID, Asset Tracking, RFID Reader 

Transcript Excerpt

Itemit involved in RFID tracking solution or a solution that combines RFID with other technologies like barcodes and QR codes. Itemit now includes fixed RFID reader tracking, having been integrated with handheld RFID readers for many years now. For the greatest benefit of fixed RFID, it is automated asset tracking. Traditional fixed RFID solutions are very expensive and take a lot of time to set up and get right. Itemit is different because it makes it possible to be up and running in a matter of days and all the paying is a low-cost subscription fee. Fixed RFID readers track the assets in real-time. Without needing assets to be scanned manually. This means that simply log into itemit to see where all the critical assets are. Setting up the system is simple. Go to the Devices tab in the Itemit web portal and hit add reader. Enter the reader’s ID and hit add. Now, the reader has been added to associate it with one of the locations. Under configuration select a location to assign the reader to. Now, every time an asset is detected by one of the readers itemit will record which location it is in. Itemit then lets the monitor view all this information. It makes it possible to see where assets have been and how long they have spent there via the asset usage report and view the inventory report to see how many assets are in each location. The asset tracking can be so much easier with itemit.