507 TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System Installation

507 TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System Installation

August 21, 2022 38 Views


Topics: Sensors, Tires, Advance Sensing

Transcript Excerpt

Truck system technologies which check the air pressure and temperature of the tires using advanced technology. For making more clearer let’s look over the device i.e., 507 check with the 507 sensors. It carries replaceable batteries for cutting the monitor slide. Device switching on button is on the side of the monitor. Once it got switch on it got lit up the monitor. Now, display of a truck can be seen with a battery icon on the bottom right-hand corner. For programming this advance sensing sensor just press the code button on the side for six seconds until there beep sound heard. For this demonstration let’s using the outer right dually of the RV. To switch tires, use the plus and minus buttons to go between each tire.  Once arriving at the tire which is needed to be programmed take the sensor using the code button and using the sensor at the bottom of the monitor and press the code button. It will instantly pick up and the code will be inside the monitor. Now, do this for all the sensors.  Once this is done with the sensors press the mode button. Now, it will save the tire position and the codes. Next put the tire pressure sensors on the tire. Just unscrew the cap from the valve stone and place the sensor inside the wrench just like the 510 the 507 sensor which is theft proof, and this wrench will allow to screw it on again like with the 510 system. Don’t tight or too loose otherwise proper reading that are looking for may not be obtained. Once this sensor is triggered tire pressure and temperature can be seen. As there not set a high low pressure yet so the monitor is going to alarm. To mute the alarm, press any button right.  Now the tire pressure and temperature are on the screen but for the demonstration let’s set the tire pressure high and lows and the temperature. For this take the monitor and press the mode button for six seconds.  Now, screen will flash psi, press mode button. There can be seen Celsius on the screen. As it can be to Fahrenheit also. For this press the plus button right there. Once changed to Fahrenheit go on to the steer axle (first two flashing tires). Now, it can clearly see on screen that high pressure tire and 175 psi. If user want to adjust 20 psi above and 10 psi below what user run their pressure set. As in demonstration here only have one tire on this monitor. Scroll over to this axle where tire is. As in monitor the axle is a tag axle. As it can clearly see the high-pressure tire and 175. As there is running pressures at 80 psi so as mentioned earlier, if willing to do a 20 psi above and 10 psi below using the plus and minus buttons. If want to go at high pressure get to the mention location of 101 psi mode over to low pressure because it run at 80 psi and want to go about 10 psi below that mode over again to save that position and there will be on trailer because there aren’t any trailer tires. Just mode over to temperature 158 is the default temperature for the 507-tire pressure monitoring system and can change it at any time but Michelin standard is 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a tire to fill 158 is the perfect after all this just press the set button and the tires are ready to be monitored.